Conveniently located in Porter Square in Cambridge, we’re just minutes from the Red Line T station. We play Top 40 hits weekend nights and have all the major sporting events on — yes we have all the major broadcasting networks! We have 17 TVs total in the restaurant and 2 big projectors, so everyone has view of the game. Tavern is the best local spot featuring a wide variety of menu options, great beer selection with 50 beers on draft and seasonal craft cocktails, and the greatest staff in the square. We’re able to host larger parties, and you don’t have to worry about catering to different tastes because we have something for everyone!


Stump Trivia!

Stump Trivia takes place every Monday and Wednesday night, and 1/2 priced burgers on Tuesdays!

Half Price Burgers

How great is Tuesday... Half Priced Burgers till 3pm for all of our Insider Members, that's how great! Order any one of our burgers and it's half the price! #HalfPricedBurgers #TavernInTheSquare